It has long been said that 2020 is huge Martin Ford May debut at KSW. Ultimately, the British giant’s debut is scheduled for June this year, which the self-interested person recently wrote about on social media. So Ford set about preparing for the next battle.

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At a height of 203 cm and weight of 150 kg, the bodybuilder realizes that transforming and adapting his body to the effort expended in combat will not be easy. Ford wrote about it when publishing excerpts from his training.

I am determined to be in the best condition of my life. I work out every day and never give up. Trust me, this isn’t easy at all, especially if you’ve been building muscle for 15 years and neglecting other things. However, it is not too late to set new goals. Never give up on your dreams, regardless of what other people think.

Born in 1982 in Great Britain, Ford is a famous trainer, bodybuilder and owner of a chain of gyms. In addition to sports and social media work, Ford focuses on acting. He played, among other things, in Undisputed IV (Champion 4: Fight for Honor), Final Score, Pan Accident, or Kingsman: Golden Circle. Next year, the next part of the popular Fast and Furious series with his participation will also be shown in theaters.