It is one of the elements of the return of prisoners to social life. The authors of the project are: the Cultural Association Officina Cultura e Territorio and a group of local institutions.

In 2018, German director Wim Wenders presented a documentary film dedicated to the current Pope: “Pope Francis. A Man of His Word” (Pope Francis – a man of his word), which was also shown at the Cannes Film Festival. In it the Holy Father spoke, among other things, on his reform efforts within the Church and the current challenges facing the world. Italian TV broadcast this image on the evening of Good Friday, April 2.

The 75-year-old director asserted, which – according to many critics – at the request of the Vatican, that it is not a “propaganda work” but a “portrait of a brave reformer”. He stressed that he did not want to portray the Pope as a human being.

“This is not a biography of Francesc, but a biography of his ideas, which are very close to my heart” – stated the author of such feature films as “Paris, Texas”, “Paradise over Berlin”, “Lisbon Story” or “Buena Vista Social Club”. He explained that there was no interference with what he was doing, and that he made this movie “completely free”.

Reporting on the “treatment of prisoners” with the help of the Wenders movie, the German Catholic News Agency reminded that prisoner scenes also appear in the film.

In addition, the Pope tries to contact prisoners on various occasions, as evidenced by the ritual of washing the feet on Holy Thursday.

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