June 10, 2022, 12:42

author: Miriam “Mokosh” Moszczyńska

ETS2 is all about driving on your own. Therefore, the easier achievement in the game may become a disgrace to some enthusiastic drivers.

Ah, those accomplishments. Some players see them as a challenge, while others completely forget about them. players ETS2 However, remember the “hardest” feat that can be achieved in the base game. I’m talking about “You can always count on your friends”.

OK, but like that, on the device?

Of course, the players jokingly approached this achievement. Data from Steam It turned out that 83.9% of all drivers won it. This score makes “You can always count on friends”, the simplest and most repetitive achievement in the game.

In terms of what needs to be done to pass it, that’s enough During delivery, select the option in which the game will pause itself for the player. It is true that we will not get additional experience points, but we will come close to completing the game at 100%.

This achievement in ETS2 is a cause for shame?  The trick is not to knock in - Illustration #1

Source: Youtube / hogziller

rarest achievements

On this subject, a distinction must be made ETS2 For the basic version and add-ons. This is because they introduce new achievements to the emulator, which, as you can imagine, are only possible when we have the appropriate downloadable content.

at least in ETS2 Without any additional content, the rarest and most difficult achievement is Pioneer.. It requires drivers to detect 100% of the map. Only 2.3% of players managed to complete this task.

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The rarest achievement, including all the extras, is the Great Travel Guide. To get it, you have to visit all the Iberian viewpoints, which is only possible when we have DLC Iberia. Only 0.4% of players completed the Great Travel Guide.

This achievement in ETS2 is a cause for shame?  The trick is not to knock in - Illustration #2

Rarest Achievements from ETS2, Source: Steam

Interestingly, it is precisely the achievements of z ETS2 Iberia They are the ones who pride themselves on the lowest degree of achievement. In addition, the achievements: Iberian Pilgrimage, Fleet Builder, Taste the Sun, Old Trucker and the Sea are also low in achievement.

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