building Interior design drawing on a beautiful landscape? We have a good example for you. This is the latest Implementation by NOKE Architects Ruby blue hair salon In the heart of Warsaw. Keyword? Desert. The project was worked on by a team consisting of: Carol Pasternak, Piotr Maciaczyk, Alexandra Hayes, Marcin Sudnick.

We were inspired by the shapes in which the wind forms sand. The processes of weathering, erosion, the way nature forms caves, cavities of rocks, creating unique shapes at the same time. We wanted the interior design of this living room to reflect the character Architects explained. In this way, the walls of the two-level restaurant are round, and their shape is reminiscent of traditional Moroccan houses or the caves in which they are located. the desert Judka. Designers used special programs to design impossible shapes to create an original space. This is how the reception was set up, like a hollow water cave and a winding staircase leading to the first floor. The unusual walls helped evoke the contractors who work on the collections on a daily basis. To create undulating shapes on the ceiling reminiscent of shapes made of sand, NOKE He invited artists from Pozna to work on drapery. The staircase is handcrafted by many craftsmen. – We wanted the digitally designed oval shape of the ladder to be handmade Architects confirm.

the color? Sober and natural. Sandy beige and gray with the addition of muted sapphire (indicating the name of the salon). On the second floor, the space is further divided by curtains and the waveform returns in the form of stilts under the mirrors made of raw beige bricks. The green neon counter is an accent in the reception area. It was made of hand-shaped glass and covered with aluminum foil.

light It is an important component of this implementation. This space is used as a background for the clients’ faces. Reflected light and muted colors create the perfect setting for it. However, decorative light cannot be missing from our project – Says Carol Pasternak. Inside, we also find something interesting light sculptures Desert Inspired by Z Designers Studio Aureola (Kama Viberalska, Natalia Andrzejak, Polina Dudkiewicz). In the staircase, we have four neon circles that are reflected in the infinity mirror (like a desert mirage). A light totem was placed on the barber’s platform.