Gains in US stock markets

Investors from US stock markets focus on the quarterly results of companies on Tuesday.

Surprisingly weak data on the number of homes built in the US, as well as rising bond yields, did not deter investors from buying stocks at the start of Tuesday’s session. An hour after its launch, the Dow Jones and Nasdaq grew 0.3 percent, and the Standard & Poor’s 500 rose 0.4 percent. Demand prevailed in 8 of the 11 main sectors of the index. IT (0.65%), utilities (1.0%) and healthcare (1.3%) stocks were the most popular, with Johnson & Johnson (2.6%), one of the most expensive blue chips of the Dow Jones average. The second is travelers (2.8%). Both companies posted better-than-expected quarterly results and forecasts. Materials companies (-0.1%), suppliers of discretionary consumer goods (-0.3%) and daily goods (-0.4%), with Procter & Gamble (-1, 6%), the cheapest-leading segment of the Dow Jones Index. The company warned that the increase in commodity and transportation prices would negatively affect its profits.

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