Hybrid learning is also known as mixed system or semi-distant learning mode. In practical terms, the solution is for students to spend part of their classes at school with a teacher, and partly work at home, relying on the electronic materials provided by the teachers.

Ministry of Education and Science I have informed that the school principal is obligated to organize hybrid teaching according to the following principles:

  • There are no more than 50 percent of classes in the school building. the students.
  • Distance lessons are not less than 50 percent. the students.

Hybrid teaching will force schools to set a schedule for conducting classes remotely and in the school building. One of the most important issues is also the possibility of an equal and alternating awareness of activities by each student.

Minister Przemysław Czarnek already announced Thursday that he hopes that “if the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic stops,” it is possible to return to schools in the post-Christmas perspective.


Let us remind you that from March 15 to 28, students of grades 1-3 of elementary schools in Vojvodos Pomeranian, Mazovian and Lubowski will have Hybrid teaching So called rotation.

However, hybrid teaching does not cover all years. Older children and youth will continue to study at a distance.

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