Former NBA star and current Michigan coach Joan Howard was unable to survive losing his team’s game. The United States lives the scandalous behavior of the coach.

Joan Howard was part of the two-time championship-winning Miami Heat team in 2012 and 2013 NBA. The former strong winger now coaches and leads Michigan. Compete in the NCAA League, which ranks second in the United States.

In the last game, Howard’s team crashed in a match against Wisconsin. It wouldn’t be surprising if it wasn’t a single event that happened before the last siren. The visiting coach requested a 15-second deadline before the end of the competition. According to the regulations, he had the full right to do so, but in the face of the great advantage, it seemed unnecessary.

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Howard apparently did not like this behavior, because after the end of the match he did not shake hands with coach Greg Jard. Furthermore, the cameras captured the moment when the Michigan coach punched a staff member in the face.

The scandalous behavior has already been widely commented on in the United States. Americans are disgusted and outraged by the behavior of the former Miami Heat star.