you too Destiny 2 may be stored today To play Festival of the Lost and earn some random lists on Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story. And you might be very confused when Cipher Decoders, a new currency for opening bonus chests in Haunted Forest, will never drop for you. Bungie said they will appear as Umbral Engrams, but they don’t fall into the wild, and they only come at the end of the activities. And not every activity, every time, not even close.

However, throughout the day, I discovered the best way to speed up the farm in the best possible way I think. No, it’s not Nightmare Hunts or Lake of Shadows, but rather Bungie was so real when they said it worked out so they could fall off at the end of Each The activity is completed.

Patrols included.

Once I heard they were disembarking from the Patrols, I knew where to go. Here is the moon-based farm of Cipher Decoder and Chocolate Coin where I believe you can get them faster than anywhere else (albeit in a very boring way). A fast loading SSD will help speed this up, but it’s not mandatory.

1. Earth by Iris.

2. Turn right onto the light anchor

3. Perform the “Kill Any Enemy” and “Find Toland” patrol. Neither of them should take more than 20 seconds each. If one does not appear, do the other first then it will appear after you are done.

4. Return to Iris, go left to the archer line.

5. “Kill any enemy patrol” and search for patrol in Toland.

6. Turning to the port of grief. I do … you get it.

7. Return to orbit to renew patrols.

8. Repeat

That process gave me 5 blades at 15-20 total bonuses, again, which only takes 20-30 seconds each, and most of it just sits waiting for Toland to stop talking. I know people who play “normally” today for hours and hours and may have 1-2. Was this … 20 minutes? Something like this. You can also get a coin for each Patrol while you do so.

Then you have 5 Ciphers to go for a tour of Haunted Forest. I think they stacked it up to 25 if you wanted to do that more.

I used these five zeros and only got one werewolf roll and four different masks. So the fall rates are not that great even if you are Act It has zeros.

I suspect Bungie is raising the downs for these things very soon here, lest this whole event feel pointless, but if you want to farm now, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find an easier and faster way to get Ciphers. good luck.

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