Finding the motivation in yourself to get out of the house and move around a little bit isn’t easy. Most of us like to spend our free time on the sofa in front of the TV. Meanwhile, there is a way to combine business with pleasure. How do you exercise and watch a movie or TV series at the same time? You will find out from our articles.

Exercising in front of the TV

Sitting on the sofa and watching TV is a favorite activity of many people. Unfortunately, this lifestyle and lack of exercise can be dangerous. Fortunately, while watching a movie or series, we can do a little exercise and strengthen, for example, the abdominal muscles. – We sit a little deeper on the couch. We support ourselves with our hands, we raise our straight legs and perform the so-called scissors. Thanks to this exercise, we not only strengthen Abdominal muscles, as well as the inner thigh muscles – said coach Agata Dąbrowska.

While watching TV, we can also do squats. – This simple exercise makes the buttocks and calf muscles work. When doing squats, remember to do Keep your back straight at all times – said Partek Baloch, personal trainer.

How to exercise triceps on the couch?

Full body exercises can be performed during the session. To strengthen the triceps, support yourself with your hands and move your buttocks off the couch. With your legs bent, try to touch the floor with your buttocks. Triceps also strengthen the push-ups. It is worth adding that the exercise can be performed in Two versions – on straight and curved legs.

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What other exercises can be done on the couch? You will find out from our articles. You will also find detailed instructions in it, How to perform individual exercises correctly and what mistakes should not be made.

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