This is the heartbreaking moment when a 14-year-old boy sang from the hospice window to his terminally ill mother days before her death.

Jane Devine was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2019 and her son Billy was caught in a heartbreaking video singing for her one last time.

Billy, along with girlfriend Ellie Marie Scott, sang Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Shallow Song to his mom, Derbyshire Life Reports.

Due restrictions Corona Virus The pandemic meant the couple had to sing the duo in the gardens at Ashgate Hospicecare in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Billy said, “I love singing, and my mom always liked to hear me sing, so I thought it would be a perfect surprise for her to sing her favorite song during her stay in Ashgate.”

Billy Devine (left), along with girlfriend Ellie Marie Scott, sang Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper ‘Shallow’

“It felt like performing a lifetime.

“I will never forget the look on my mother’s face as she watched from her room window. Just remembering her now gives me goosebumps.”

Jane passed away in a hospice on September 7, just a few days after an influential performance.

Bailey said, “My mom was a very caring person, she spent most of her life caring for others and spending time with her family.

“She was a strong and positive person, even after her diagnosis, she was determined to take her cancer head on.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard my mom fought, this wouldn’t be a fight she could win.

“It was then that I went to Ashgate Hospicecare and I can honestly say the care she received was fantastic, it’s a very welcoming and relaxing place, not just for the mom but for the whole family.

Billy with his mother Jane (right) who tragically passed away in September

“I am very grateful to the nursing home for helping us organize this special moment, truly none of us will forget it.”

Since his mother’s diagnosis, Billy and his family have raised £ 4,000 for Ashgate Hospicecare through a variety of fundraisers including “Care for a Cuppa” coffee mornings, bingo nights and shaving.

“It was a real honor to raise money for Ashgate Hospicecare and to be able to return some of the kindness they showed our family when we needed it most,” said Bailey.

Residents can memorialize loved ones who are no longer with them, whether or not they were cared for by Ashgate.

This nearly every year known event will take place on Sunday, December 13th, due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

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