By decision of the President of the Republic of Poland, Prof. Dr. Hebb. NS. Grzegorz Mutke has been awarded the academic title of professor in the field of technical sciences, according to the Central Mining Institute.

Professor Grzegorz Mutke, a graduate of the Faculty of Geology and Exploration at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Head of the Department of Geology and Geophysics at the Central Mining Institute, is a recognized authority in Poland and in the world in the field of mining geophysics. We especially appreciate the professor’s knowledge and experience in human-caused seismic activity. The most important scientific achievements of his career relate to the results of research on the evaluation and criteria of the dynamic impact of seismic tremors caused by mining operations on underground works and surface development.

On the basis of many years of research and the work of the #GIG team of authors, led by Professor Grzegorz Mutke, the #GSIS-2017 Mining Intensity Scale was developed, which is intended to assess the impacts of impacts caused by coal mining on construction objects and to classify their dynamic resistance.

As a recognized authority in the field of safety work in mines, he was a member of a team of specialists appointed by the head of the WUG to investigate the circumstances and causes of accidents that occurred in Donetsk, Ukraine at the Zasiadko mine in 2007, and expert in the composition of the commission appointed to investigate the causes of the collapse In Polish coal and copper ores. He took an active part in research on mine seismology and the danger of rock eruptions in coal mines in China and the Czech Republic.

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As part of research exercises and research projects, he has collaborated with many foreign institutions.

He is currently involved in the implementation of the largest European project in the field of Earth sciences called “European Plate Observing System #EPOS” and the construction of the infrastructure of the Upper Silesian Geophysical Observatory to monitor the geodynamics of Upper Silesia as part of the EPOS-PL project.

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