British Deputy Health Minister Nadim Al-Zahawi announced on Sunday that the vaccination certificate will have to be presented in England not only at the entrance to nightclubs, but also in other large venues and at mass events. The changes are due to take effect in September.

“Before the end of September, when everyone has the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, we will have to use the accreditation process for large facilities that can cause a real increase in infections,” Zahawi told Sky Sports.

British vaccination certificates

He explained that this would avoid a situation in which many businesses would have to close again in the fall and winter. He cited the football matches organized by the FA as an example of the effective use of vaccine certifications.

“It is the right thing to do and we are on absolutely the right track to make sure we do it this way. The goal, as Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) said, we want the entire economy to remain open,” Al-Zahawi added.

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So far, the British government has only announced that proof of vaccination in England will be a requirement to enter nightclubs, and for other mass events it has only encouraged organizers to use vaccine certificates.

However, the Scottish government announced this week that proof of vaccination will be required for most mass events in September.

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