The Cockclay Fund The stars were not affected Philip Schofield The chef’s “rude” comments James Martin On This morning.

On this Monday episode of This Morning, Philip made a satirical comment about Chef James Martin’s cauliflower soup that has a liquid brown on top.

Philip Laughing vividly commented: “At the top of that soup that I largely ate, there was a brown slip mark, what was it made of?”

The cooking section wasn’t particularly successful for James as he had already poured a great deal of soup into the kitchen area and then lost control of the mixer.

Philip’s observation seemed to be the last straw for James who then refused to list the ingredients in the soup in a humorous challenge job that Philip and his casting partner left. Holly Willoughby Really amused.

James Martin this morning suffered a disaster last week

Fiery James said, “I woke up at five in the morning to come here. I’m not telling you.”

The most memorable moment was spotted by the Gogglebox team on Friday episode.

In their country home in Whitshire, spouses Giles Wood and Mary Kellen watched the moment and did not seem to like them.

“It was rude,” Mary complained unhappy to Giles Phillip’s remark.

However, Mary and Giles weren’t alone in their rating as home viewers agreed on the point.

Giles and Mary of Gogglebox were unimpressed by Philip’s observation

James had a hard time making cauliflower soup

Someone wrote Twitter : “Phil was a little rude to James about his soup! # The Cockclay Fund “.

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Another added: “James is angry and Phil isn’t helping # The Cockclay Fund “.

Meanwhile, another entertainer commented: “This is not going well … #This morning And now Philip asks for the slip mark in the soup! [lauging emoji]”.

Elsewhere, one of them concluded: # The Cockclay Fund Phil will definitely be in James’s back. ”

Also, some viewers at home weren’t impressed by Philip’s kind note, but others saw the funny side

The siblings Pitt and Sophie Sandeford were relishing, however, due to Philip and Holly lacking support.

Pitt laughed: “Don’t worry – Phil and Holly have hired you. They’re having sex with themselves!”

Well, we love a good laugh!

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