Gavin & Stacey stars Joanna Page and Mathew Horne to keep us company birthday With a brand new festive offer.

The famous duo telly He’ll take over the airwaves in homes across the country on Christmas Day as they gather to host a one-off radio show on BBC Wales.

They will not be alone as special guests are set to join the couple, including Gavin and Stacy, co-stars Melanie Walters, Larry Lamb, Alison Stedman, Stefan Rodry, Robert Welfort and Laura Aikman.

Also joining the group of celebrity faces will be Welsh singers Bonnie Tyler and Shaken Stevens.

Gavin and Stacy co-stars Joanna Page and Matthew Horne for a Christmas show

And of course, nothing Gavin & Stacey-related would be complete without Smithy, so there’s also a special message from co-author and co-star James Corden.

Joanna is a familiar voice on the station after her Sunday Morning series with Joanna Page earlier this year.

Speaking about her new festive show, Joanna said, “I absolutely love Christmas and I had a great time putting my show on BBC Radio Wales, so when it came that we could put on a Christmas Day show, I knew if there was anyone I want to share. That’s with him, he’s dead.I like working with him, he’s so fun.

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“I’m really looking forward to chatting with some of the great friends and guests on the show. We have some good auditions, classic Christmas music and a little bit of fun!”

Matthew was also eager to work with his co-star again, saying, “I took the opportunity to do this show with Joe. I love working with Joe, I love Wells and I love working on the radio.

“Christmas Day is a special day, especially this year, it has been a big challenge for a lot of people, so it’s nice to feel like we might bring a little joy.”

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“We’re excited to be reunited with Joanna and Matthew this Christmas,” said Colin Patterson, BBC Radio Editor in Wales.

The reunion comes A year after Gavin & Stacey TV comeback ceremonialWatched by millions.

And while Gavin & Stacey fans may be disappointed that they won’t get a new Christmas special this year, hope is not lost as BBC chief content officer Charlotte Moore last week mocked the prospect of a return to the show. ‘one day’.

And with Ruth Jones saying last month that “The door is closed but not locked.” Perhaps new episodes are on the horizon.

Christmas Day began with Joanna Page and Matthew HornBBC Radio Wales on Christmas Day from noon to two in the afternoon. Also available on BBC Sounds.