Air freshener doesn’t have to be associated with toilet spray or an unsightly plastic package filled with an unsightly drying gel. Freshener can become a real space decoration At first glance, many of them look more like an elegant perfume bottle or an elegant lamp than a classic scent absorber. In addition to sprays and gel fresheners, it is worth paying attention to accessories whose operation is based on essential oils.

These are the small size devices that With the help of ultrasonic technology, they optimally distribute odors in the room. Just fill it with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Together with the expulsion of steam, the space will be filled with the chosen aroma. Many of these diffusers will improve air quality by gently humidifying it.

Many of these devices operate in the oscillatory mode, that is, they diffuse the fragrance in a specific time sequence. In addition, some models are equipped with an optional subtle backlight, thanks to which it creates a more pleasant atmosphere.

Ultrasound diffusers are available in different shapes and colors, so they can be easily combined into the arrangement of the room.

The heart of the catalytic lamp is a special stone combined with a wick placed in a tank with essential oil. Everything is hidden in an effective glass casing usually. There are many color and shape variants to choose from.

The operation of the lamp is based on low-temperature flameless catalytic combustion. This breaks down (and thus removes) airborne cigarette smoke or odor particles from cooking food. It also allows you to clean the air of bacteria and mites. At the same time, the lamp emits the aroma of essential oil, which is poured into the bowl and spreads throughout the room.

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The sticks placed in the oil pan have a honeycomb structure. So they absorb the fragrance and then gradually release its scent. It is the simplest running air freshener. And even more so – there are also models with a very decorative character, in which the sticks are replaced by other elements, for example, a flower made of a special material mixed with cotton thread dipped in oil.

In the upper part of the burner there is a special aromatic oil or wax, in the lower part – a heater in the form of a small candle. The warmth of the candle releases volatile oils that float in the air and freshen the atmosphere of the home. The scent of the oil gradually spreads and fills the space. However, remember not to leave the stove unattended with a lit candle.

It must be remembered that elegant packaging is just the beginning. The smell itself is just as importantWhich can affect your mood in some way. The most popular scents used in homes are lavender, jasmine, vanilla, rose, citrus, and woody notes.

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