The stadium games continue to promote the festival in Mexico. The developers have just published another gameplay that shows a completely new location – the team responsible for the game is focused on introducing the diversity of the new map.

Forza Horizon 5 will be the greatest part in the history of the series, showing the true momentum in all respects. The creators have already announced that they will present the most comprehensive map, but in this case the size is not the most important thing. Players are set to reach very diverse areas and the authors show the following parts of the area in small steps.

Playground Games brings new Forza Horizon 5 content starting Tuesday – We got to the swampy areas, saw the forest, and today we can close our eyes to the “top of the world”. Of course, each region will offer a completely different driving model too We can face different weather – For example, rain can also affect the way you play.

It is not without reason that racing fans are delighted with the latest part of Forza, because the authors systematically show production, which for a reason is praised. Playground games will start at the end of the year and Xbox Series X owners | S, Xbox One and PC Get ready for a great ride. From the first show, the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass.