Photos: Bydgoszcz Municipal Police

Something amazing happened in Bydgoszcz. Renault Mascot, which is not afraid of any work or load, could not cope with “work”. However, the opponent was really small, in the form of a heavily modified Ford Super Duty.

This unusual story was reported to the Bydgoszcz Municipal Police. Last Saturday, on Pocztowa Street, a patrol noticed an improperly parked car. The car occupied an area excluded from traffic, so it was decided to tow it away. Seeing the word “Raptor,” the rangers noticed that the car was a Ford Ranger Raptor, a European mid-size pickup truck weighing 2.5 tons. Hence, a light locomotive transmission, based on the Renault Mascott mentioned above.

Plan A:

In fact, this car had nothing to do with the Ford Ranger Raptor. It was not even the American Ford F-150 Raptor, since the front part of the body was planted here. As can be seen from the shape of the cabin, especially the windows and doors, it is a Ford Super Duty version before 2017, perhaps a different version of the F-250 or F-350, that is, a 4-ton pickup truck. This is also confirmed by the axles with eight screws. Moreover, this car has undergone advanced modifications, not only changing the front end or expanding the wheel arches. Because the lice were lifted and much larger tires were used, roughly the height of the passenger car next to it.

These tires made Mascott unable to lift the pickup truck with his eyepiece. So another vehicle had to be called to the site, this time in the form of a 25-tonne heavy-duty tow truck based on the Mercedes Actros. This Ford was supposed to simply take Ford on his podium, although here also there was a problem in the form of an insufficient supply. Only Plan “C”, made with a truck tow lens, was ultimately successful. This device was removed from the bottom of the platform and allowed the Ford to be towed behind the Actros truck. The rear axle of the truck also had to be driven on a special carriage due to the blocking of the automatic transmission. The full intervention of the city guard extended after that to three hours.

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Plan B:

plan C: Ford Ranger Raptor:

Ford F-150 Raptor:

Serial Ford F-250 Super Duty: