The film is distinguished by its uncompromising rude look.

The biggest surprise to Emerald Fennell, the thirty-year-old screenwriter and actress known from “The Crown” (playing Camilla Parker Bowles), has to do with her unbalanced following. It places the film somewhere between a stylized revenge cinema like “Kill Bill,” or a black romantic comedy (hostile) or satire drawn with sharp lines. Anyone who does not like (feminism) ideology will say that it is about bringing the perpetrators of sexual crimes to justice. The title “The Promising Young Woman”, perhaps no coincidence for the director’s analogue, is consumed by the mission of the civilization of the decadent patriarchal world hidden under the delightful facade of an idyllic city. Before the heroine got stuck as a waiter in a fancy candy bar, she was a very promising medical student. He lives with his parents in a Disneyland parody house.

promising. Small. Women. (Promising young woman), dir. Emerald Vinyl, prod. USA and Great Britain 113 minutes

Policy 10.2021 (3302) of 02/03/2021; a poster. the first show. P. 68

Original text title: “Settlement of the World”

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