May 24, 2021, 2:15 pm

A teaser trailer for Far Cry 6’s collectible statue has appeared online, featuring Anton Castillo and his son Diego.


  • Trailer for the statue from Far Cry 6.
  • Introduces Anton Castillo and his son Diego.
  • Most likely, it will be included in the collector’s version of the game.

a Far Cry 6 We found out about it last year, but aside from the climate joke, we didn’t get much information about the game from Ubisoft. We are still waiting for the first gameplay, which is likely to be released on June 12th at the conference Ubisoft Forward. However, another video material related to the upcoming production was leaked to the network. It is a harbinger of a collectible statue.

A short video was posted on Redness It displays the statue of Anton and Diego Castillo. The leader’s son sits on a chair with a decorated pistol in his hands. You can see his father from behind. At the end of the material, the statue’s name appears, i.e. Lions Yara. Most likely, this tool will be part of the collector’s version of the game.

Officials also appear regularly Concept art related with Far Cry 6. Most of them are similar to promotional posters. Their focus is often Anton Castillo, who is portrayed as the caring father of the Yara people.

Most likely, we will receive more materials to promote the game soon. It is still not known when the first show is planned, but it is possible that we will have this information at an upcoming Ubisoft Forward. So it remains for us to wait patiently.

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