July 4, 2022, 13:07

Silent Hill 2 on the newer PC systems version for years has been plagued by a fatal bug that prevented the game from happening. The fan update addresses this issue by fixing an almost twenty-year-old bug.

It can’t be denied silent hill 2 He is one of the most well-known representatives of the survival horror genre, which shaped the genre for years to come. However, the game originally released for PS2 caused a lot of problems for PC owners, as the PC port suffered from a large number of bugs – Even those who made the game impossible.

fan team quiet hill I decided to fix the classics years ago by making a mod Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition For computers that It fixes many original problems.

No more accidents

The biggest improvement the mod team has made is to eliminate the audio bug that caused the game to crash.

In the original version silent hill 2 On my PC, the audio engine was incompatible with multi-core processors for some reason, Causing a loop in the sound of the game, and therefore – a complete failure. Until now, you had to run a game using only one CPU core.

Last update (VIII) to SH2: Enhanced version It deals with this issue, as discussed in the article below:

White crow in new clothes

In addition to dealing with a fatal flaw for developers Enhanced version They have taken care of a lot of improvements in many aspects of the game, such as rebuilding the sound engine from scratch (which we owe, among other things, to getting rid of the bug), improvements in graphics (during the game and during movie scenes), as well as many, many more. from others.

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If you want to track the update history of a file silent hill 2You will find it on the channel Youtube From the creators – Town of Silent Hill – films are published regularly and offer the following “fixes” to the classic from years ago.

Although everything looks very beautiful, unfortunately, those who want to taste classic horror in a refreshing place for the first time may feel a little disappointed if they see the prices of the boxed versions of the game. You must have a hard copy to run the modification (SH2 Not available in digital sale), and this can cost up to several thousand zlotys in online auctions.

People with boxed version silent hill 2And the The benefits can be taken advantage of Enhanced version And see for yourself whether the adjustment makes such a difference.

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