Nikita Mazepin has caused a lot of controversy since his F1 debut. Former driver Nicholas Kisa said it was his billionaire father’s fault. The 22-year-old will be frustrated and denied the respect of his opponents on the track.

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Nikita Mazepin

Press material / Haas / Photo: Nikita Mazpin

Nikita Mazepin reached Formula 1 thanks to his father’s finances. Dmitry Mazpin is one of the few Russian people whose fortune is estimated at $ 7 billion. This is why the businessman had no problem paying Haas around $ 25-30 million a year for his son’s beginnings in Formula 1.

However, the 22-year-old has problems driving at the highest level. In his inaugural Grand Prix, he fell off the track in the second corner, and in training he scored “on top” several times and toured the roadsides. He also fell into the hands of the umpires and was sentenced to two penalties, which is nothing new, because Mazepin had already recorded similar strange behaviors in Formula 2 or Formula 3.

Lacks respect for the rules that have been agreed upon between drivers. Especially as far as qualifications are concerned, Nicholas Kesa, who has already played in F1 in Minardi and Jordan, told BT.

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There is a polite agreement among drivers in the Formula One Qualifiers not to overtake each other when preparing their spot on the track and fighting for the best time possible. Mazepin had already broken that rule several times and thus spoiled the qualifying performance of his rivals off the track.

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– If you know a billionaire dad will always pay, no matter what you do, then this affects your behavior and etiquette on the right track. If he was from Scandinavia, he wouldn’t have such a situation – Kiesa added.

We learned that we must do the right thing, and that we must be disciplined. The former Danish driver concluded that we cannot act on our own until we are good enough.

For now, Mazepin is not expected to lose his Formula One seat despite his disastrous performance. Moreover, his father is about to take over Haas and buy a team that currently belongs to the American millionaire – Gene Haas.

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