“I understand that the British will come back to us tomorrow with different proposals,” the French president said.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced, on Monday, at the climate summit in Glasgow, that France will not implement the announced sanctions against this country in the case of fishing, which was due to enter into force from the north, during negotiations with Great Britain.

Macron decided not to retaliate against the United Kingdom, that is, to take control of the British cutters and blockade of ports in France for British trawls, noting that “the coming hours are important hours in terms of negotiations.”

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On Monday, the Elysee Palace announced that a meeting with the British on fishing licenses for French fishermen would take place on Thursday, but Macron’s talks with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are also expected at the Glasgow summit.

“EC is on our side”

– The ball is on the side of Great Britain, the European Commission is on our side – the President of France confirmed the day after sending the so-called protocol to de-escalate the fishing dispute between the two countries after Brexit.

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Macron announced that the debate on the fishing dispute “will continue” between France, Great Britain and the European Commission. The French president concluded, “I understand that the British will come back to us tomorrow with different proposals.”


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