January 8, 2022, 12:27

An intriguing game record from Elden Ring has been released on the web. A new type of enemy appears that has not yet appeared in the materials of this production.

Interesting video from elden ringIt is an RPG game from the famous series Evil spirits From software studios. The video was made available at ER-SA channel It lasts less than a minute, but it is interesting because it shows the type of enemy that did not appear in the previous materials.

Visually, the figure looks a bit like Black Knight Evil spirits. W elden ring The enemy shown in the video appears to have two phases. The first time, he only used direct sword strikes, but when we dropped him, he started using amazing special attacks.

It should be noted that the channel ER-SA published in the past few days movie table with elden ringWhich showcases a variety of locations, enemies and game mechanics. If you’re interested in FromSoftware’s latest production, it’s definitely worth a look, especially since it doesn’t contain any serious spoilers.

Let’s remember that elden ring It goes to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. The premiere will take place on February 25th. Many people are waiting for the start of the game. Among our readers only the next production Dying Light 2 is more important.

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