Thanks to the grant, the Węgierki Theater has prepared technical documentation for the modernization and adaptation of warehouse and workshop buildings at ul. Braniciego 15 for the purposes of conducting cultural activities.

Photo: Alexander theatre, Hungary

Thanks to the update, the scene and props will be created in comfortable conditions

So far, theatrical workshops and rehearsals for performances on stage have been carried out in the Mujahideen. Elektryczna has resulted in the temporary exclusion of a certain area from the display of performances from the current collection.

Hence the idea of ​​using the extra space in ul. Branickiego 15 – The buildings of warehouses and workshops located there will be modernized and adapted. First, you need to prepare the relevant documents. For this purpose (“Scene Beyond the River – Phase One” project), the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage awarded the Dramatic Theater nearly 100,000 tickets. PLN of the program “Infrastructure of Culture”.

Additional space at ul. Branicki will increase the convenience of work and improve the quality of performances.

It will be a place for activities in the field of cultural education, incl. For people with disabilities or the elderly.

In addition, the modern workshop space will allow theater staff to create scenography and props in comfortable conditions, using modern equipment.

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