#DobreWakacje 2021 – We are back with the MEiN . campaign


With the beginning of the summer holidays, we return to last year’s campaign of the Ministry of Education and Science #DobreWakacje. Until the end of August, we will publish information on valuable educational, sports and cultural projects, as well as interesting ideas for spending free time on our social media. We will also remind you of safety during the holidays. Last year, the #DobreWakacje campaign was very popular among students and parents. We have provided more than 30 panels to inform about cultural and sporting events, competitions and events online.

#DobreWakacje – Edition 2021

#DobreWakacje 2021 is a continuation of last year’s actions by the Ministry of Education and Science. As part of the project, we will be posting information on our social media about:

  • Workshops and tutorials conducted online,
  • Sports Events,
  • cultural projects,
  • online resources of museums and cultural institutions,
  • Ideas for family trips and active leisure,
  • Safety during the summer holidays.

We want to support students and parents in this way, especially if their vacation plans have to change due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We encourage you to follow the posts on our social media Tagged with #DobreWakacje. We will be posting it a few times a week until the end of the holiday.

Last year, our campaign was very popular among teachers, students and parents. In total, as part of the campaign, we have made more than 30 paintings available.

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“Try it! Polish National Parks” – a series of informative films about Polish national parks

The first initiative we recommend as part of this year’s #DobreWakacje campaign is a series of educational films called “Try It! Polish National Parks”. It tells about each of the national parks located in Poland. It also includes a bonus film showing the achievements of the Polish national parks as a whole.

The films show the unique nature of the parks, the culture and traditions associated with them, as well as the tourist attractions found in their vicinity. It also supports the environmental education that the national parks are doing. You can watch it on the page.

The films were made as part of the “Promotion of National Parks as a Brand” project co-financed by European funds. Its goal is to build environmental awareness of the national parks and promote them as a tourist attraction. The project has been implemented by the Ministry of Climate and Environment since 2016.

Live it movie series! Polish National Parks “is not only a rich source of knowledge about each of the Polish national parks, but also an idea for a fun holiday trip and an active way to spend free time. More information on the page.