Thursday, Blizzard revealed a host of new details About The Immortal Diablo Diablo’s mobile game – and even launches alpha testing in Australia. The Immortal Diablo It is similar in many ways Diablo 3However, at a preview event on Monday, Blizzard told us that its mobile game is about one more character experience than the current Diablo game for both console and PC. This means that one major feature will be absent from The Immortal Diablo At launch: Seasons.

Diablo 3The game’s seasons have kept the game going for years now. If you’re not familiar, every few months Blizzard launches a new season in Diablo 3. Each new season requires players to start a new character and equip it from scratch. Players then push that one character – by sharing unique Seasonal Effects – for a few months, trying to figure out how far they can go. After that, Blizzard launches a new season and they do it again.

Instead of rebuilding a character every few months just to give it up, Blizzard wants to take a more individual character approach Khalida. So, while players can have several different classes on their account, Blizzard expects most players to primarily play with just one class.

The Immortal Diablo Seems influenced by World of Warcraft this way. Instead of the seasons, Khalida It can attract players again through major expansions and corrections to keep the game fresh. It is conceivable that players will have personalities years from now where they spend nearly all of their time.

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This is a fundamental shift in Diablo’s philosophy, especially for hardcore gamers. I spent time with over 30 characters in Diablo 3 Since Blizzard launched that game in 2012. But the characters are in Diablo 3 Comes quickly and is easy to give up – Seasonal modules rely on players switching to a new game every few months, with character classes switching depending on the seasonal event. Some players even create hardcore characters that disappear after their first death. Blizzard wants players to invest in The Immortal Diablo Characters for years to come, and Diablo 3Seasons are not compatible with this kind of gameplay.