We forced them to

Conservative MP Sir Charles Walker said the House of Commons is on the threshold of “using the rule of law to undermine the rule of law,” warning MPs: “We are not asking the electorate to do anything, we never asked, we have forced them – we forced them through criminal law And civil. “

“We have criminalized freedom of association, freedom to do business, freedom to travel and freedom to demonstrate – this is the oxygen of democracy.”

“It hurts my head and hurts my heart, and rejecting these fears that are so genuinely holding that they want to let the virus rupture is extremely generous, deep, profound, and unkindly.”

Sir Charles continued: “I want people to live a long life, a full life, a happy life, including me. But my death, and our mortality, is in the end our contract with our Maker, while our basic rights are our contract with the government.

Therefore, I will not support this legislation. I think it’s terribly unfair and like (Sir Graham Brady) is cruel in many parts – I will have no part in criminalizing parents for seeing their own children, and children for seeing their parents.

“This legislation contradicts all my instincts, and perhaps an instinct more fundamental than the love and touch of my family.”

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