The head of Britain’s National Health Service has warned that the UK’s Christmas lockdown truce may need to be reviewed within days.

Chris Hobson, CEO of NHS Providers, wrote an urgent letter to Boris Johnson Warning against any relaxation that may “trigger a third wave”.

The body, which represents all hospital funds in England, has now not demanded a five-day review of the Christmas bubble system.

But Mr. Hobson told Sky News: “We are not calling for a change of regulations at this point, but this is something I think we will need to look at over the next few days.”

His message to the Prime Minister added: “Leaders of confidence are concerned that if infection rates remain as high as they are at the present time, easing restrictions will lead to a third wave.”

People do their Christmas shopping on Oxford Street, London

The First Minister in Wales revealed this week that ministers met to discuss whether to change the Christmas rules but decided not to.

Ministers plan to review closing levels in England on Wednesday. People across the UK will be allowed to gather in a one-off Christmas bubble for up to three families from December 23-27.

But Mr. Hobson warned people that just because they were allowed to see elderly relatives, it didn’t mean it would be safe.

“We need to have a much better discussion about the risks of what will happen over Christmas,” he told Sky. “We are very concerned.”

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He added, “Everyone is working now on the basis that since the rules are in place, they will be fine if they stick to the rules and that is not the case at all.

NHS providers are warning the government to move any area down this week (stock image)

“Any additional social contact, especially with people at risk from the virus, is likely to be a real problem.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominic Rap He said the Christmas rules have not been revised. He told Sky News: “It was a really difficult year in all respects, everyone felt like I thought people needed the five-day window over Christmas to spend time with loved ones.

“I think on the mental health level and the emotional level they need it.”

But the prime minister himself warned Conservative party members last night of a “big explosion” over Christmas, according to The Sun newspaper on Sunday.

“I know the rules say there are three families, but there is unfortunately ample room for further increases in this disease during the tough winter months,” he said at a Conservative party fundraising event.

The Prime Minister himself warned members of the Conservative Party last night of a “big explosion” over Christmas

Today Hopson pleaded with Mr. Johnson not to downgrade any areas in England to a lower level just before Christmas when levels are revised on Wednesday.

He told Sky News that the NHS has 10,000 fewer beds than last year due to infection control measures – and 13,000 Covid patients are in many of the remaining beds.

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“There are sunlit heights at Easter but we have to keep going … Another one moves around to overcome the winter hump,” said Mr. Hopson.

Social distancing rules will be relaxed for five days between December 23 and 27, allowing family members to hug for the first time in months.

Coronavirus insurance rules are explained

A government spokeswoman said the ministers “will not hesitate to take the necessary measures to protect local communities” and that decisions are made based on the latest available data.

“We have introduced tight domestic restrictions to protect the progress made during the national restrictions, reduce the pressure on the NHS and ultimately save lives,” the spokeswoman said.

“On top of our record investment in the NHS, this winter we’re providing an additional £ 3 billion to maintain the independent sector and capacity for Nightingale Hospital and a further £ 450 million to modernize and expand A & Es.”

Current class system in England

On Saturday, the government said 519 more people had died within 28 days of the result of the Covid-19 virus test in the UK, with another 21,502 laboratory-confirmed cases. Corona Virus.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health indicated that towns and villages will not be able to move the alert level by “separating” them from the nearby Corona virus hotspots.

Matt Hancock said in a letter to Conservative MPs that “tight cuts” of lower outreach areas often lead to “catching up” or “overshooting” in higher-level areas, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Next comes Sadiq Khan Londoners are urged to follow social distancing measures and wear face coverings while shopping this weekend.

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Crowds descended into the shopping districts of major cities, including Regent Street in London, on Saturday.

The rising infection rates have led to concerns that the capital may head towards Tier 3 restrictions, which will see hospitality settings shut down except for takeaway.