On September 1, Vectra introduced a new fixed-line internet tariff. Offer at speeds up to 1.2 Gbit/s Join existing packages with 300, 450 and 600 Mbit/s transmissions! Plus, all these offers will be discounted for six months!

Vectra + Netflix

We remind you – the Vectra fixed Internet line costs 49.99, 64.99 and 69.99 PLN as standard on a 24-month contract. Now it will be cheaper!

Vectra Internet with open contract:

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As of today, PLN packages will cost 64.99 and 69.99 (up to 450 and 600 Mbit/s) For the first 6 months only 49.99 PLN! The operator promotion is only available on a two-year contract offer. Moreover, you will get 6 and 9 months respectively Free access to NetflixAnd in the new top offer for Warsaw residents with a speed of up to 1.2 Gbit / s – up to 12 months! This is Vectra’s second such action with Netflix. The operator also suggests a new modem

Tomasz Żurański, CEO of Vectra SA says:

We continually invest to deliver innovative products that meet our customers’ expectations. With them in mind, we have created a modern fiber optic entertainment center that will accompany them whenever they need it. Thanks to the TV Smart TV platform, the user can watch his favorite series and movies, play or use different applications wherever and whenever he wants – at home and away from home, on a set-top box, in the mobile application or via the website, as well as outside the Vectra network. On the other hand, fiber-optic internet with a modern Wi-Fi 6 modem and Easy Mesh standard means that the network can be used without hindrances from any room in the house, at the same time using more mobile devices than before.

Vectra does not say how long it will offer fiber optic connectivity at better rates and Netflix. Promotion may be important until a further notice. Get Vectra with Netflix today, because on September 3, the final season of “House of Paper” will premiere!

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