The UEFA Champions League Final will be held between Manchester City and Chelsea on May 29. This match will be held in Istanbul. The Turks were supposed to organize the final last year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, UEFA decided to host the final tournament in Lisbon, and Istanbul promised to organize the final this year.

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However, it is not known if Istanbul will host the finalists this year as well. All because of the significant increase in the disease in the country and the closure imposed by the Turkish government at the end of last month. Another disadvantage of Istanbul is the fact that the United Kingdom entered Turkey in the Red List of countries to which flights are recommended only in necessary cases. Moreover, after returning from Turkey, the British will have to undergo a 10-day quarantine.

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In this regard, the FA, its government and UEFA will meet on Monday to discuss the possibility of moving the Final to Wembley – The New York Times reported. Although the English language offered many stadiums across the country, the European Union was only interested in the largest facility in London.

Despite the apparent intentions from both sides, it is not known if the final will take place in England. The European Football Association (UEFA) expects the British government to lift the mandatory quarantine and at least 20,000 fans in the stands. In the final line of the Premier League, fans will return to the stadiums, albeit with a limited number of 10,000. The exception will be the FA Cup Final, which twice as many fans will watch.

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And he adds, “The New York Times” that Portugal would remain a backup option for the finals if the English did not agree with UEFA. The final match could be held in Porto. If this year’s final is postponed, next year’s crucial match will be played in Istanbul as well. We’ll know the final decision in a couple of days.