– It is said that Anthony Joshua wants forty million for him to step down and let me fight Oleksandr Usyk. I’m not a businessman like AJ, I’m a Spartan warrior. I don’t play business. I fight to the end, I never run, I never give up. I want to rip the fuckin’ hearts apart, I’ll never sell a fight, I’ll never give up. Even for a hundred billion. I don’t do anything for money (…) – said Fury.

– I won’t go into the details of my opinion about AJ, because it wouldn’t give way to me. And I really want to fight Ołeksander Usyk to beat him up to a sour apple. Let me say one thing: Decide what you want, Anthony. Either give up your seat or fight the Ukrainian in return. You just won the greatest triple in human history, you defeated Deontay Wilder who was ready to die in the ring. I’m enjoying my life now and don’t think of any other competitors – added the British giant.

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– (…) I remember that when I was very fat, Joshua sent me a letter in which he called fat men and said that I would soon lose and he would remain undefeated. What now? He has two failures and I have no failures. Yet you know how to defeat me. I have to be nailed to the pads of the ring, or else I’ll get up and get to my competition. What now? I’m 33, I’ve been through a lot, and I won’t be able to play at my highest level until I’m 40. I will fight for another year, I will fight two battles and leave the stage. I don’t have a problem fighting Dillian White, but he has to sort out his issues with the WBC. If he is a forced contender, I will arrange a slaughterhouse for him in the ring (…) Damn … All these bastards, I am at the head of the world – summed up the unique “Gypsy King”.

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