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Lugansk region. Ukrainian soldiers destroyed an enemy tank

A video clip of Boris Johnson’s visit to Ukraine caused quite a stir on the Internet. As if nothing had happened, the British Prime Minister and Volodymyr Zelensky are walking the streets of Kyiv. The Ukrainian capital looks deserted, but Johnson manages to meet the locals for a walk. Johnson even exchanges handshakes with one of them. The man is clearly excited about the politician’s visit. “Nice to meet you,” Johnson said to him, “It’s an honor to help you.”

Ukrainians are happy to visit and walk. “This is one of the greatest films the Internet has ever seen,” commented Ilya Ponomarenko, a journalist for the Kyiv Independent newspaper.

ABC News journalist Witali Klitschka asked about “exceptional photos” of Boris Johnson in Kyiv. – It was a very important signal to our partners that Kyiv is now safer. It is also a sign that Great Britain on the side of Ukraine supports our country in the struggle for freedom and independence, said the mayor of Kyiv.

Boris Johnson in Kyiv. He has a dick

We see in the next movie of Johnson’s visit in Kyiv Ukrainian An artist hands a ceramic rooster to the British leader. The statue became a symbol of the resilience of Ukrainians after an image of a destroyed apartment building in Borodzianka was circulated on social media. The iconic image shows a miraculously survived kitchen cabinet with dishes and a rooster statue on top. The cabinet is hanging on the wall, although the kitchen itself is no longer there.

How did Johnson even get to Kyiv? It is known that he traveled at least part of the journey by train that left Poland. The Prime Minister recorded a video on the train in which he thanked the employees of the Ukrainian Railways. He also expressed sympathy for the Russian attack on the railway station in Kramatorsk.

Britain will donate more military equipment to Ukraine

During the meeting with Zelensky, Johnson announced more military support for Ukraine. As announced, the UK will also supply Ukraine with 120 new armored vehicles and anti-ship missiles. This assistance will be independent of the 100 million British military support announced Friday pounds or pounds for weight. In addition, Britain will give Ukraine $500 million in loan guarantees for loans from the World Bank. London will also liberalize tariffs on most goods imported from Ukraine.

The Russians attacked the Dnieper River. The airport was completely destroyed