On Friday (July 1), the Bielsko Cultural Center will host an event like never before in Podlasie. For three consecutive days, you’ll be able to watch great movies, meet interesting people (including the Sekielski brothers), watch apiary on the rooftop of a community center, participate in workshops or listen to live music. The event is open to the public and free.

A real treat for experienced movie lovers and more. This Friday, in the new air-conditioned cinema hall of the Bielsky House of Culture, a unique hall will begin Film Festival In addition to workshops, bee and music workshops. Committed and unique but also innovative.

The screening of the movie is really noteworthy, as for free you will be able to watch high-quality, award-winning products that are rarely available on free platforms.

The ultimate goal for us, the organizers of this initiative, is to care for a common reality. Sometimes, let’s look at it from a different perspective, let’s look at the places we often stray from

The organizers encourage

The festival places great emphasis on film education and doing workshops with young people. This model of work is intended to allow the upbringing of conscious and enlightened modern people.

There has never been such a festival in Budlasi before, and I am a little afraid that it will never be again, so I hope that people thirsting for pleasant experiences will visit us