Apr 20, 2021, 21:37

Blizzard Entertainment veteran Jeff Kaplan left the company after 19 years in service. The Overwatch manager did not justify his decision except the two ?? You don’t have to be in danger.

Activision Blizzard loses more employees. One Disqualified, Others Leaving themselves. It belongs to the latter group Jeff Kaplan, who announced today that he is ending his nineteen-year adventure with a snowstorm. Re¿yser Note and observe I Observation 2 It will leave before the end of this second project, but its construction will not be in danger. Aaron Keeler will take over Kaplan’s position.

Kaplan’s decision was publicly announced on an official basis the side Play it through Twitter. With warm words He thanked the Blizzard staff for the nearly two spent together ?? Amazing ?? A contract, but did not specify the reasons that prompted him to leave. One can only search for it among the words of the Creator Overwacha Developers who work closely with him ?? They should be well known to fans of the popular shooter:

(??) Don’t accept the world as it seems. Always have the courage to see him as he can be. I hope you do the same.

Another major person leaving Blizzard.  Overwatch 2 Not Deferred - Illustration # 1

Jeff Kaplan. ?? Source: IGN.

At the same time as Kaplan’s departure, Aaron Keeler was introduced to a wider audience. Will replace him as director Overwacha. He has also been with Blizzard for eighteen years and He was a key member of the team behind the game, and the changing of the Guard is not supposed to affect the process of creating “Satan”. Keeler himself confirmed, saying that the work on the game is progressing well and that we will learn this year about exciting information about it ??. New manager Overwatcha 2 He also mentioned that he never aspired to wear Kaplan shoes, but now that he has them, he is excited and honored to serve the community in a new role.

The departure of Jeff Kaplan caused a small earthquake in the game world. Fans Overwacha They basically thanked him for his work so far (although there were also a few who now had a chance to succeed in the opinion of only “two”) and wished him good luck in his further career. Famous people in the field also participated, such as Jason Schreier (Bloomberg) or Geoff Keighley (The Game Awards).That highlighted the dedication and passion that characterized Kaplan.