Alisha Dixon responded to Ofcom’s complaints with a defiant message through her outfit this evening on Britain’s Got Talent show.

The 41-year-old judge decided to let her costume speak for itself when she responded to 24,500 people who complained to the oversight board about Diversity’s performance inspired by BLM.

This comes after ITV announced its full support for the diversity this weekend due to complaints.

Wearing a lemon slip-on dress, Alisha looked stunning as she tied it to a beautiful gold necklace denoting Black Lives Matter in letters BLM.

Alisha Dixon responded to Ofcom’s complaints with a letter of defiance through her own outfit this evening

Meanwhile, superstar Ashley Banjo has also sent a sincere message to the contest participants this year.

During the presentation of the show tonight, host Declan Donnelly asked Ashley if he had any advice for those competing on the show.

Alisha wore a gold BLM necklace

Dees had asked, “Ashley, you are the only one on the jury who has actually won the UK Talent Prize. You have a unique perspective on this. What does it take to be successful on this show?”

Ashley replied, “Work hard, leave everything there.”

“People trying to memorize or trying to turn on the system – just go out and leave everything on stage because you never know when it’s all going to end.”

Deiss replied, “Give it 100% every time.”

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Ashley added, “Sure.”

* Britain’s Got Talent broadcasts on Saturdays at 8 pm on ITV