Bethlehem handing over the light of peace – a ceremony attended by Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik


Today is December 14 this year. Representatives of the headquarters of the Polish Scout Association handed the Bethlehem Light of Peace to the Minister of Education and Science, Przemyslaw Czarnik.

– I would like to thank the Scouts of the Polish Scout Association for instilling the living tradition of bringing the Light of Bethlehem into our communities, including the Ministry of Education and Science. This light is a symbol of Christmas and peace, which will help us to experience the upcoming Christmas more deeply – said Przemyslav Kzarnik during the meeting with the Scouts.

“I would like to thank Scouts for instilling this beautiful, much-needed tradition at the time,” the MEiN President emphasized.

Eternal fire burning in the nativity scene in Bethlehem. From it one candle is lit every year, and the torch of the Scouts is spread in a relay race across countries and continents around the world.

Since 1991, Bethlehem Light of Peace is organized by the Polish Scout Association. According to tradition, the ZHP receives the light from the Slovak scouts. The light is passed alternately once in Slovakia and once in Poland. Poland is one of the links in the Bethlehem Relay race. Girl Scouts transmit light to the east: to Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus, west to Germany, as well as north to Sweden.

Scouts from all over Europe would like to share this gift with everyone. By carrying lanterns with light to parishes, schools, hospitals, offices and homes, they share the good news and spread the greatest universal values ​​of brotherhood and peace.

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