Couples skate in name only. Sometimes they are actually people who are in a relationship with each other, but more often than not they are just sports partners. There are also, for example, siblings, such as the excellent French couple Isabelle and Paul Duchesnay composed of a sister and a brother – the siblings won a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Albertville in 1992 and the 1991 World Championships.

Madison Hubel and Adrian Diaz are private life partners and both compete in the Beijing Olympics, provided they are each other in a duet. Madison Hubbell rides with Zachary Donoghue, while her partner Adrian Diaz makes a pair with skater Olivia Smart. Maybe they are in love and would ride together, were it not for the fact that they come from different countries. Madison Hubble and Zachary Donoghue represent the United States, and Adrian Diaz with Olivia Smart represent Spain. Olivia Smart once traveled to the UK with her partner Joseph Buckland, but they parted ways – both with him and with Great Britain.

Whether Adrian Diaz will continue to drive to Spain – it is unknown, since he has already engaged to Madison Hubbell and the Spanish-American couple is due to marry shortly after the Beijing Olympics, in which one, or perhaps both, can win medals.

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Madison is closer to this, and with her dancing partner she is very clearly ahead of her partner in life. The American duo is in third place after France’s Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Ciceron and Russian couple Viktoria Sinisina and Nikita Kakasapov. Spaniards are in ninth place.

We were so busy training before the Olympics that we rarely saw each other. I am now happy for the occasion, Madison Hubble jokes.

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