Signs that the offer for the new edition of the Battlefield series is getting closer and closer to almost every aspect. This time, not only was the information published, but the first materials from the game were also published online.

Battlefield 6 appears in the first screenshots

Soon EA will announce the date of its first game presentation. Now, however, you can take a look at two screens that allow you to better imagine what the creators are preparing for us.

If you follow closely the news regarding Battlefield 6, you won’t be surprised. The screens are consistent with previous information, including that published by Tom Henderson. We cannot talk about particularly good quality materials, but this is perhaps not surprising.

Battlefield 6

Another question is the most important here. Are the submitted materials original? Tom Henderson, who has become the main source of knowledge for the game in question, says yes. He’s not a random character, his informants have proven to be trustworthy in the past, so there’s reason to assume he’ll be the same now.

Battlefield 6 day and night cycle

We already heard about natural disasters in Battlefield 6. Suggestions have now been added to this that the developers are developing an extensive system for variable weather, and even a dynamic day and night cycle. If everything is well developed, there is no doubt that it will add variety to the gameplay.

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It is also important to destroy the environment here, as a result of players’ actions, the battlefields sometimes change beyond recognition. DICE has boasted similar solutions in the past, and now, thanks to the new generation of consoles, it is going to push it forward massively.

EA recently confirmed that the game’s premiere will take place at the end of this year, during the holiday season. The date for the official announcement has not yet been set, but it will likely happen this month.

Source: twitter -_Tom_Henderson_

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