Back to school on January 18th

I started back to school on January 18th. However, not all children returned to full-time education. Currently, only students of smaller grades, i.e. 1-3 in elementary schools, are back in school. Education is carried out in accordance with all health rules, in accordance with recommendations made by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health and the Main Health Inspectorate.

The rest of the classes continue with distance learning. The Ministry of National Education extended the study until January 31. What’s Next?

Other decisions regarding full-time education will be made in schools depending on the epidemic situation in the country

– The Ministry of Education will inform.

Back to school What are the school booths?

There is more and more talk of creating so-called school bubbles. What is that? It is a form of hybrid education. According to Member of Parliament Kinga Gajewska of the Civic Coalition, framework curricula should not be mandatory during a pandemic, and managers must make a decision on what the education looks like themselves.

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Return to full-time education? Minister of Education: Death is worse than the negative effects of distance learning

Representative Christina Zumillas also indicated that the Ministry of Science and Education did not consult the managers of the changes introduced due to the epidemic, nor did it help the school implement the changes:

Learning cannot be organized in the first, second, or third grade with one teacher. Foreign language, computer science, and religion teachers enter the classroom, and sometimes a physical education lesson is conducted by another teacher. Children also mix in common rooms. There are no financial resources to organize separate daycare groups

– Szumilas points out.

We are urging him to change the mortality law to make it easier for managers who want to implement non-standard solutions. We are requesting additional funds to hire additional teachers, or to allow certain materials to be taught online. Principals are urged to determine how the school’s work will be organized. We also call on managers to be able to make decisions about switching to distance learning when an infected student or teacher appears at school.

– a worm.

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What can school backpack help with? According to the assumptions, one teacher works per day with one group of students and follows a program of different subjects. Some activities that require other teachers may be remote.