Dear teachers and parents,

During the meeting with community elementary school principals, we discussed the most important issues related to the return of students from grades 4-8 to school. The minister’s decision to restart hybrid and then static learning by students in grades 4-8 raises many feelings and questions about the meaning of this decision. For some, it arouses excitement and is a moment that has been waiting for months, yet for others it causes anxiety and frustration.

We have a hybrid education in grades 4-8 and the eighth grade exam. For principals in charge of organizing school work, planning hybrid learning for students in Grades 4-8 from May 17th to 28th with a 3-day break for Grade 8 exams is a logistical challenge.

In most of our schools, half of the students will benefit from blended learning in the first week, while the other half of the students will take only 2 days of study the following week (due to 3 days off for exams). At the request of parents and due to the risk of contracting covid-19, eighth graders will not return to school for regular classes before the exam. They will return to them on May 28, after the exam. Exam days are vacation days in schools, with childcare activities organized. During these three days, we are only asking children who cannot stay at home who attend the daycare center. The organization of the exams according to the applicable health system requires the participation of all faculty members in the facility. Therefore, we ask that parents of students in grades 1-3 and 4-7 be understanding and allow teachers to focus on taking exams.

From May 31 to June 24, all students will study in the school full-time. End of the year on June 25, 2021. Organizational details will be provided directly by the individual school administration.

There is no denying that catching up with the arrears and re-entering the school’s rhythm in such a short time will be a challenge for the entire school community. Over the course of a year of distance learning, basic social relationships were subjected to disruption, which can manifest in some teens withdrawing from themselves, annoyance, or even embarrassment.
Therefore, we appeal to and ask both teachers and parents to pay special attention to students’ mutual relationships and emotions.

Of course, implementing the core curriculum, test classes, and checking students’ knowledge level is important, but the most important thing at this stage is to rebuild trust and relationships among all participants in the educational environment.

We are all used to distance learning. After more than a year, we are back to the new reality and school where everyone has to find themselves again. Let us as principals, educators and parents understand this situation and support each other, and above all let us support our children.

Let them and help them be together, so that they get used to the rhythm and requirements of the school again. I look for joy and satisfaction in going back to school.

Learning and assessments are important, but the most important thing at this stage is the natural and joyful return of children to school and rebuilding relationships and personal contacts.

Hanna Kochakowska-Michalak
First Deputy Mayor of the City of Piaسيتiceño and Commune

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