Arsene Wenger says his relationship with Jose Mourinho makes him feel like he’s in kindergarten after the current Tottenham coach reacted to his exclusion from the Frenchman’s resume.

Wenger’s biography, My life is in red and white, Looks back at his 22 years at Arsenal but fails to mention his duel with Mourinho, whose Chelsea side ousted “Invincibles” in 2004-05.

Last week, Mourinho said the reason he was not mentioned in the book is because the former Arsenal coach “never beat me”.

Wenger beat Mourinho twice in 19 matches

“It doesn’t bother me. It’s a constant provocation.” Wenger told French radio Channel +. “I feel like I’m in kindergarten with him. But that is part of his personality.”

The rivalry between Mourinho and Wenger reached boiling point in 2014 when they collided physically on the touchline in a Premier League match at Stamford Bridge.

It took Wenger 14 attempts to beat Mourinho, whom he once described as a “specialist in failure”, and only scored two wins in 19 matches.

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Free to watch: The highlights from Tottenham’s draw with West Ham in the Premier League

“We defeated him twice. We won and there were also a lot of draws,” Wenger added.

“It is not” you “who win, you are only participating in the victory.” We are “whoever wins. The manager is there to get the most out of the team.”

Wenger, who left Arsenal in 2018, was appointed head of global football development at FIFA last year.

Jose: West Ham lucky, Moise Villani has found a new one

Jose Mourinho described West Ham’s return to Tottenham as “lucky” and praised David Moyes for finding “the new Marouane Fellaini” in Thomas Sochik.

Tottenham suffered a 3-0 collapse in the second half as Manuel Lanzini’s astonishing last-minute goal secured a 3-3 draw for West Ham.


Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho has said he would prefer to praise Post Ham over his return from criticizing his team for making a 3-0 lead late.

Mourinho said Sky Sports: “The match was under control, we had Harry Kane to score the fourth goal when he hit the post, Gareth Bale to kill the match … But that’s football.”

“Not on purpose, but the team was falling. With [Harry] Winks, we’ve found balance again and we’re in control. It was exactly when we were in control, we gave up on the former and their faith rose. My companions weren’t strong enough to handle it psychologically. In the last few seconds, we have lost two points.

“I told them to be aware of the set pieces against them, which we knew were very powerful. David found it [Tomas] Soucek is new [Marouane] Fellaini. In the end, they were lucky, but they fought hard to be lucky so I praise them. “

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