Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) introduced its unpopular “specially developed and designed” Apple TV remote control version for cable, satellite and MVPD (Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributor) customers, The company announced.

The remote control uses Bluetooth low energy or infrared to communicate with the box, has a microphone to speak commands to Siri, and the universal remote control function allows control of TVs and audio devices from any brand or manufacturer. It has backlit switches, which are activated via the ambient light sensor, a button to navigate through channels, and a mute button, according to UEI.

“We are excited that customers around the world will soon be able to enjoy this new remote control, specially designed for the growing number of MVPDs that bring Apple TV 4K to their subscribers,” said Paul Arling, CEO of Universal Electronics.

The new Universal Electronics remote control is for Apple TV
Universal Electronics

Universal isn’t the first company to offer a remote replacement for Apple TV; Last year, the Swiss TV and Internet provider Salt developed a remote control In collaboration with Apple after the touchpad controls on the original remote control proved to be frustrating for users who are used to using the standard buttons. And the The function provided the remote control button for the Apple TV In July. It was a salt model Difficult to buy in the United States.

UEI’s remote control will be available starting next year, but consumers will not be able to purchase the remote control directly from Universal. The company plans to sell the branded versions of the remote control directly via cable companies.

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