Apple’s trade in values ​​- the amount of credit the company gives you for old devices when you upgrade to new hardware – has been quietly adjusted by the company.

You can see up to an additional $ 40 when trading IPAD, But up to $ 540 less when trading a Mac

Me more I spotted the changes, starting with the good news.

The iPad Pro is now worth up to $ 525, up from $ 500. The iPad Air went from $ 210 to $ 250, the iPad from $ 200 to $ 240, and the iPad mini from $ 175 to $ 205.

Apple has also boosted the price of the Apple Watch models slightly. Series 4 is now valued at $ 150 (up from $ 140), Series 3 is now valued at $ 95 (up from $ 85), and Series 1 is valued up to $ 35 (from $ 30).

Then not so well.

Apple has cut swap values ​​for some products from its Mac lineup. MacBook Pro down from $ 1,760 to $ 1,530, MacBook Air down to $ 630 from $ 730, MacBook price down to $ 380 from $ 450, iMac Pro down to $ 3,040 from $ 3,580, and iMac’s price down to $ 1180 $ 1,390, and Mac mini down to $ 830 from $ 930.

There may sound good news on the Mac Pro, but like Me more Note, it is unlikely that Apple has actually increased swap values.

The Mac Pro received a whopping $ 2,930 from $ 1,490, but that may indicate that Apple is now accepting more recent models for replacement.

You can check each Swap values ​​here. Apple notes in lowercase that these are only estimated values, so don’t expect to receive posted amounts if your device is damaged in any way.

Replacement values ​​will vary based on the condition, year, and configuration of the replacement device. Additional iPhone trade-in values ​​require the purchase of a new iPhone, subject to availability and restrictions. You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to exchange for an Apple credit or gift card. Not all devices are eligible for credit. More details are available from Apple’s Business Partner for eligible hardware exchange and recycling. Restrictions and restrictions may apply. Payments are based on the receiving device matching the description you provided when making your estimate. Apple reserves the right to refuse or limit the quantity of any device for any reason. On the Apple Store: Offer available only upon presentation of a valid photo ID. The value of your existing device can be used to purchase a new Apple device. Offer may not be available in all stores. Some stores may have additional requirements.

You will always be able to achieve more by selling privately (sometimes that is very important!), But the Swap program offers customers an option that does not involve risk or hassle.

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