After some initial confusion about how the AirPods Max handles power management, Apple has tried to clarify the issue Updated support page It shows how and when its new $ 550 headphones automatically preserve battery life.

Originally, the company said that “when stored in its thin and soft smart case, the AirPods Max enter an extremely low power state to conserve charge”. But there was uncertainty about what would happen when they let go Abroad the case. In my review, I found that the headphones lost only a few percentage points of battery when left overnight without a condition – nothing close to a worrying level of drain. But not everyone has had this experience. Brownlee Brands I noticed a greater amount of battery loss when my AirPods Max was idle.

According to Apple, AirPods Max enter “low power mode” when removed from your head and left standing for five minutes outside the case. If they are left in this state for 72 hours, they go to file scale down Power Mode that turns off Bluetooth and features like Apple’s Find My location tracking. This, basically, looks like they are actually “off”.

But somewhat surprisingly, the smart box doesn’t instantly lead to a deeper sleep position as quickly as I had imagined. Inserting AirPods Max into the box instantly puts them into the lightest low-power mode. But it takes 18 hours of headphones in the smart case to enter Ultra Low Power Mode. When the situation is taken into account, Apple never states that the headphones have to be “steady” to enter these modes. But the fact that AirPods Max takes almost 24 hours to get to that point where it’s increasing the battery – even in this case – is a bit surprising to me.

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The company is clearly prioritizing fast and comfortable reconnecting of the device over purchasing every last bit of battery from AirPods Max. One big question is what happens if you leave the headphones around your neck when you remove them; Since it is not static in this scenario, I think it remains fully active until removed and placed on a table or stand. Apple might be able to adjust these default behaviors through firmware updates, but for now, that’s how the AirPods Max works.

Even if I saw minimal battery drain, and like I said in the video review, I still wish they had a power button. For simplicity’s sake.