Are you waiting for the new AMD processors? The manufacturer is not slowing down and is already working on models of the Zen 5 generation – the new builds are said to be so good that the chief engineer of “Reds” can’t wait for them.

We’re a year away from the premiere of AMD’s Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 generation processors, but the manufacturer recently announced new Zen 4 generation models — and that’s certainly one of the most anticipated debuts next year. However, we know that the “reds” are not going to stop there and they are already working on the Zen 5 models. What can we expect?

AMD announces Zen 5 processors

The AMD Zen 5 mechanical architecture was confirmed in 2017 (that is, 4 years ago!), but so far not many details have been revealed about the specifications or performance of the systems. However, back to the topic, because recently, in an interview with AnandTech, the topic of processors was brought up by Mike Clarke, the lead Zen architect at AMD.

Clarke confirmed that his team is still working on the fifth generation of Zen architecture. At one of the internal meetings, the details of the new units were discussed – the engineer was positively surprised by the new generation of processors.

Coming out of this meeting, I just wanted to close my eyes, go to sleep, get up and buy this thing (Editor’s Note – Therapist).

Well, Clarke didn’t escape a lot of detail here (not to say he didn’t escape in any). However, it has already begun feeding the atmosphere around the systems premiere. It can be concluded that the work on the new systems is going according to plan, and the systems will make a lot of progress. if you are interested, We refer to AnandTech interviewWhere, among others, the origins of the Zen architecture and Ryzen models.

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More information about the processors appears in the leaks. According to unofficial information, Strix Point – Zen 5 (3 nm) models should be based on a large-micro-hybrid design, that is, a combination of more efficient and weaker cores, and also provide an additional fourth-level (L4) cache. Of course, the changes must translate into improved efficiency and energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, those interested in modules will have to be patient – the premiere of models based on the Zen 5 architecture should not be expected any sooner than in 2023.

Source: AnandTech