Amanda Holden A dress on Britain’s Got Talent last weekend sparked 235 Ofcom Complaints.

The 49-year-old singer and actress became the subject of criticism on social media over the weekend for a short dress that some witnessed. Viewers suggest that they can see her breasts.

The last semi-final on Saturday night raised 277 complaints that Ofcom aired regularly, of which 235 were related to Amanda choosing her dress.

The short blue dress definitely caused a stir as Amanda became the latest judge to be under fire.

Complaints come after fellow judges Ashley Banjo And the Alisha Dickson I bore the brunt of outrage from some of the show’s audience for their outspoken support for Black lives matter Movement – including Alisha choosing to wear BLM necklaces.

Amanda Holden chose a bold, sparkly dress for the Saturday Night Show on September 26th

ITV continued to stand by the recent performance of the show from the dance group Diversity, designed by Ashley, which depicts scenes surrounding the death of an African American. George Floyd In the United States it stood against racism, yet it continued to receive 24,500 complaints from Ofcom.

Amanda herself also spoke in support of the diversity performance last week when I spoke to her The Huffington Post.

She said, “I would say we mustn’t forget that it was a show that reflects the whole year, not just the tragedy of George Floyd in America.

He was celebrating NHS Our sense of belonging to the community is ridiculous after we received these complaints. ”

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Fans were convinced they saw Amanda Holden’s nipples through her dress on BGT on Saturday, which now sparked 235 complaints from Ofcom

Diversity re-telling of some of the biggest news events of the year for a routine that aired in the first BGT semi-finals on September 5

The judge also said that Alisha did not need her to defend her but would if her friend needed her.

She insisted, “Alisha, believe me, is strong and can fight in her corner.

“She doesn’t need me but she got me there if she needs me … I have a mouthguard and a hot towel ready.”

Regarding her bold fashion choices, Amanda made her decisions clear to Hello magazine last year.

Alisha Dixon has stood up to critics of her support for BLM

She explained, “There’s no way I would go out in pajamas or wear myself without lashes.

“To maintain my sense of dignity, I always try to look good.

“Nan Ethel used to tell me, ‘Don’t let your husband see you without the lipstick.’

“I am very aware of how I look when I go outside – which is just like taking pictures of me every day.”

British’s Got Talent continues Saturday night on ITV.

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