Now that I have Apple Officially launched AirPods Max Our premium over-ear headphones have details on what is included and what exactly isn’t and what accessories or add-ons you may need to pick up. Read on for all the AirPods Max details.

Apple details the contents of the package AirPods Max, Its new, $ 549 over-ear headphones on the product’s technical specifications page.

I got:

  • AirPods Max
  • Nobody can hurt me without my permission
  • Lightning to USB-C cable.

So let’s dive into what’s not included, fast battery / charging life, AppleCare, device compatibility, and more.

AirPods Max details and tales

Bring your own charger and cable

Notably, we’re missing two important accessories: the charging brick (which follows the trend set by the iPhone 12) as well as the 3.5mm cable to Lightning. Apple doesn’t specify exactly which power adapter to use, but the previous or current 18W 20W USB-C Power Adapters It will likely be shipped as quickly as possible.