mentioned The probe began its scientific mission only two years after reaching its destination. A joint project of the European Space Agency and the Russian agency Roscosmos monitors the atmosphere of Mars, and at the same time provides absolutely stunning images from the surface of the Red Planet. One of them (Made on July 5, 2021) appears on a large scale 4 km A crater with shards of ice stands against the rusty red rocks.

This is not the first time that the probe has contributed to discovering potential water sources. We recently reported large deposits of this substance in the central region JM MarinerisAlso known as the Grand Canyon of Mars. This time, water in the form of ice was observed in the crater of a volcano located in the area Borealis devastation.

I read the advertisement on the ESA website. It is confirmed that most of the visible area is free of water, but the shape of the crankcase clearly indicates this There are processes related to the drilling of rocks by this material (denudation).. As with Valles Marineris, the researchers used readings from High precision skin neutron detection (FREND), an instrument capable of detecting hydrogen.

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During the next unmanned missions, astronomers from the European Space Agency want to take a closer look at this region and check if the hydrogen detected there is indeed associated with Potential rich source of water. If this turns out to be true, this is where one of the first Martian bases could be built – Vastitas Borealis is also an attractive area for research grounds.

The Trace Gas Orbiter, in turn, will be used as a platform for transmitting information on the second ExoMars mission, the goal of which will be The Rosalind Franklin probe was placed on the surface of the planet, which is expected to occur in 2023.

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