The Krakow meeting room, “I am Krakow”, which is called Spotka for short, invites from Friday 24 June social activists, activists and NGOs in Krakow.

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“We created the meeting for the social partners of the Krakow Museum, in particular social organizations, informal groups (city movements, local communities), entities whose activities coincide with the mission and legal activities of the Krakow Museum” – informs the Museum.

The Cracovians meeting room consists of three rooms: the meeting room, the warehouse called the Armory and the activities room. Sputka should be a space for meeting, relationship building, conceptual work and teamwork. It is an open, accessible, creative and functional space. It’s meant to be a space for conversations, brainstorming, and all kinds of meetings; There is also a corner with a kitchenette and a small relaxation area. An armory is a kind of social repository for everything that social partners want to store in it. The activity room is a space for social campaigns, small exhibitions, workshops, performances, etc.

During the opening, the sounds of Ukrainian songs were prepared for us by the Mass Widows Foundation and the Zustricz Foundation, as well as the melodies that swayed during the cruises of sailors from the Krakow Sailing Association, performed by the Kapitana jewelry ensemble.

FLESZ – seasonal vegetables. What do we eat in June?


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