Meadow Kana’s design will be improved. “The barriers around the entire area will turn into green walls. At the moment, good seedlings of climbing plants are being planted, which will give the effect of a green wall next year,” said Chancellor Przemyslav Sowick.

Let us remind you that “Społeczna Łąka 2.0” is a project of Szczecin Civic Budget, according to which an attractive space for social and artistic activities is being created. Last week, the co-chair of the Zieloni party, Przemysław Słowik, participated in a meeting with the management of the Kana Theater Center, the Old Town Council of Szczecin and the management of the City Hall’s Culture Department.

“From the concepts presented, artistic and artistic, a whole idea of ​​ka Kana’s work emerges,” emphasizes consultant Słowik.

Green climbing fence on wooden frames

The Oka Kana area will be surrounded by a green fence that climbs on wooden frames. As Chancellor Swick asserts, “everything is designed with the organization of the various events in mind”.

Much attention was paid to acoustics. The stage was set towards the river to reduce the effect of sound bouncing off the castle walls of the Pomeranian Dukes. Additional screens have also been installed from the Castle Route side to reduce sound exposure in this direction.

The necessary equipment for the organization of the “Silent Disco” was also purchased. These measures are intended to respond to residents’ complaints about excessive noise. They have tried to block the activity of Łąka Kana several times,” explains Przemyslav Sowick.
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We have to wait for the official opening until next spring. “I am eagerly awaiting the end result, as it promises to be a great seat in the middle of our city.”fawn >